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Welcome to 2015…..and thanks for being a part of our 25 year mission of service!

It has been nearly three years since Agape began our journey of ‘a great new beginning’. Rather than reflecting on the challenges of what lead us down this road, I prefer to reflect on the Strength-Finders Based foundation we have established and promoted here at the agency.

Agape co-worker’s have come together during this journey to promote our blended strengths of Developer, Belief, Empathy, Responsibility, and Positivity. As many have heard me say when asked how do we handle ‘problems’ here at Agape, “we no longer perceive them as ‘problems’; we perceive them a ‘challenges’, that will be addressed and overcome through the use of our collective strengths”.

Our Leadership team here at Agape is charged with the responsibility of driving this strength based initiative, and each of them has done an amazing job of doing just this!

Staying “positive, professional, and progressive” has led to some unbelievable opportunities for us. The past year we had the most successful fundraiser in our history, received financial grants at a record level, and developed new relationships which have led to continued opportunities to serve those entrusted to our care.
Geographically, we have expanded our service delivery area offering additional services to neighboring counties. Further we have been recognized by state and local governments, and other state agencies for the success we have had in serving youth and families.

As we enter this year I want to thank the businesses and organizations who have and continue to financially support us which has allowed us expand upon our outreach to those we serve. Your generosity is sincerely appreciated, as is your trust in our being good stewards of the monies provided to us.

From our Leadership team of Rodger, Ann, Fran, and Sandie, our Board of Directors, our co-workers here at Agape, our foster families, the families of our reunification services program, and the amazing group of youth who we serve, we are and will continue to be “AGAPE STRONG”…FOREVER MORE!!

Look-out!!!!……as we believe every day, ”the more we serve, the more opportunities we are given to serve”…..which means more great opportunities are on our horizon!!!!

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