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Foster Parent Recruitment Contest – Win This 50″ Television!

Announcing Agape’s Foster Parent Recruting Contest

All you have to do to earn a chance to win this television is help us out.  For every person/family who you refer to Agape to be a foster family we will enter your name in the drawing to win this television.  If your referral comes to a training session we will give you another chance to win and…..if they complete the licensing process you get a third chance to win.  How about that, 3 chance to win just for helping us license foster parents?  You may refer as many people as you feel can be good foster parents.  We will track the referrals beginning June 1st, 2013 all the way until May 1st of 2014 and then during Foster Care Awareness Month we will draw the winning name and somebody will have a beautiful new 50” television.

Bruce with TVWAIT..That’s not all!!!

Agape is also announcing a new foster parent reward system.  If a family you refer actually becomes a foster parent we will give you a $400.00 referral bonus.  You will get $200.00 when the family you referred completes the licensing process and $200.00 when they accept their first placement.  How great is that?

Why would we give away such a nice prize plus throw in a referral bonus you may ask…..Well first to say thanks to all of you for promoting our agency and second because history tells us that our best recruiting tool is you.  You all know what it takes to be a foster parent and who better to promote foster care than those who are currently providing care.  We have a terrific set of foster parents and now we are asking you to help us to grow our Agape family.  You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain……Good Luck

*Must be an Agape foster family to enter and win.  Bonuses and contest entry apply to referrals for new families only not the transfer of a family from another foster care agency.

Orientation to Foster Care & Adoption Tonight – June 4, 2013

Are you interested in learning more about the process of becoming a Foster Parent or wanting information about Adoption Through Foster Care?

We invite you to join us this evening, June 4, 2013 for our Orientation and Overview of Foster Care and Adoption, 6:30pm at the Agape for Youth, Inc. office.  Our office is located at 2621 Dryden Road, Ste. 202, Moraine, OH.

You will have the opportunity to meet Steve Geib, Executive Director/Founder and the class is taught by Bruce Bridges, Licensing/Compliance & Intake Supervisor.

Please contact Val Baker at 937-439-4406 ext. 13 for more information about this evenings informative class and to register to attend.

Thank you ahead of time for helping us change the world one child at a time.


Make the World AWESOME!

Welcome to the beginning of June and the continued opportunity to serve the youth and families entrusted to our care here at Agape.

In the words of KID President we all need a “Pep talk” – “Create something that will make the world awesome!!”

Make this week great!



We received notification today that Sandie Geib, Promotions and Support Services Coordinator here at Agape is one of the 250 finalists in the Mary Kay One Woman Can Makeover Contest.  There were more than 132,000 submissions worldwide.

Makeover pic for website

The 50 first place winners will be notified on July 30, 2013 and the charity of their choice receives $5000.

We want to thank you again for your support and participation in this “Out of the Box” fundraising endeavor for Agape for Youth, Inc.

Please continue to visit our website for updates and notification on the results of the contest.


First Aid and CPR Class Cancelled

Due to a family emergency, our First Aid and CPR training this Saturday, June 1, 2013 has been cancelled.  Please contact Val Baker at 937-439-4406 ext. 13 for information regarding the rescheduling of this class.


Many Thanks!!

We would like to thank everyone for casting their votes in the Mary Kay Makeover contest to assist Agape in our efforts to win $5000 for our Youth and Family fund.

The winners of the $5000 will be announced on July 30, 2013.
We will keep you posted as we have news about how we placed in the contest.




Grateful to our Military

The Staff, Board of Directors, families and children at Agape for Youth, Inc. want to express our gratefulness to the men of women of our military not only during this Memorial Day weekend but every day.  Our lives have been touched by the dedication and sacrifice of our nation’s heroes.  We encourage you to take time this weekend and thank our veterans and active duty members of our military for their service and say a prayer for the families that have had loved ones pay the ultimate price for our freedom.

American Flag

A “Get Out Of The Box” Opportunity to Raise Funds for Agape

In a “Get of the Box” moment, Sandie Geib, the Promotions and Support Services Coordinator here at Agape entered a makeover contest to win $5000 for Agape for Youth, Inc.

Makeover pic for websitePlease take a moment and cast your vote at the link below and share the link with your friends!  Your support in this is greatly appreciated. These funds will benefit the families and youth being served at Agape.



We All Need a “Pep-Talk”

Welcome to spring 2013!! Give me sun, a lot of sun…you know, the vitamin D stuff….and positive talk, give me positive talk with encouraging words and spirited conversation. Earlier this year I was introduced to Robbie Novak, AKA ‘Kid President’, and the inspiration he has brought into my life, and the lives of many others is virtually unbelievable. Robbie has become somewhat of U-tube celebrity. He begins his video with “we all need a pep-talk”. Adults, the world needs you to stop being boring…yeah you…boring is easy, everybody can be boring, but you’re “gooder” than that!! He goes on to use a number of illustrations one of which is “what would Michael Jordan do if he quit?,..oh yeah, he did quit, no he retired. I mean what would have happened if he quit in high school?..he would have never made Space Jam, and I love Space Jam!!” Through his inspiring videos Robbie continually encourages all of us to appreciate life, and especially to “create something that will make the world more awesome!!”. A little bit of detail on Robbie. This spirited encourager is a nine year old from the State of Tennessee. He is diagnosed with brittle bone disease, and has had over 70 breaks in his young life, yet one of his goals is to inspire the world through encouraging us to “stop complaining and dance”, which he in fact does throughout the majority of his videos. In reflection, while I have been very thankful to have special people in my life who have been responsible for giving me a ‘pep-talk’ when unaware to them, it was most needed, and thankful to be an encourager as well, yet I cannot help but to be drawn to the inspiration that Robbie brings with his humor, and a spirit of encouragement. I want to encourage all of us, if you haven’t, to take a few moments and like over 5 million other people, check out ‘Kid President”…..cause he is truly right…..”we all need a pep-talk”! Make today great, Steve

Why we do what we do!

Whay we do what we do

This is a photo of the letter one of our foster mom’s received on Mother’s Day from her foster daughter.    As stated by the Agape Youth Specialist for this little girl.  “I had to share this letter with all of you because it was so precious and a great reminder of why we do what we do.   This is a Mother’s Day letter from an 8 year old foster youth.This little girl is adorable but rarely ever says anything to anyone. She is very quiet, and is used to having her older brothers speak for her. Her words in the letter are not only so precious, but this is the most I’ve ever heard her “say.”