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Recruitment Round Table

Congratulations to Barb T. and Terri W. who both won $50.00 in the drawing at our foster parent meeting. We saw a lot of parents raise their hand saying they could use some extra cash so here is your opportunity.

Starting in January 2015, we will be doing a quarterly drawing for a gift card that will be valued anywhere from $75.00 to $125.00. The amount will depend on how hard you all work to refer people to Agape to learn more about becoming a foster parent. All you have to do is make a referral and your name gets entered into the drawing. We will pull a name every time we get ready to send out our Quarterly Newsletter and that person will win the prize.

Don’t forget, we will also pay a $400.00 cash bonus if a family you refer completes the licensing process. You receive $200.00 when the family completes the process and an additional $200.00 when they accept a placement.

With 11,000 children in foster care in the state of Ohio we have room for more foster families and the more families we have the more children we can help. We have a wonderful program so we hope you will talk it up and try to win yourself a little spending money in the process. Good Luck!

In addition to our recruiting prizes we are also going to advertise on electronic billboards in the Dayton Area beginning in October, keep your eyes open and let us know if you see our ad.

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