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We All Need a “Pep-Talk”

Welcome to spring 2013!! Give me sun, a lot of sun…you know, the vitamin D stuff….and positive talk, give me positive talk with encouraging words and spirited conversation. Earlier this year I was introduced to Robbie Novak, AKA ‘Kid President’, and the inspiration he has brought into my life, and the lives of many others is virtually unbelievable. Robbie has become somewhat of U-tube celebrity. He begins his video with “we all need a pep-talk”. Adults, the world needs you to stop being boring…yeah you…boring is easy, everybody can be boring, but you’re “gooder” than that!! He goes on to use a number of illustrations one of which is “what would Michael Jordan do if he quit?,..oh yeah, he did quit, no he retired. I mean what would have happened if he quit in high school?..he would have never made Space Jam, and I love Space Jam!!” Through his inspiring videos Robbie continually encourages all of us to appreciate life, and especially to “create something that will make the world more awesome!!”. A little bit of detail on Robbie. This spirited encourager is a nine year old from the State of Tennessee. He is diagnosed with brittle bone disease, and has had over 70 breaks in his young life, yet one of his goals is to inspire the world through encouraging us to “stop complaining and dance”, which he in fact does throughout the majority of his videos. In reflection, while I have been very thankful to have special people in my life who have been responsible for giving me a ‘pep-talk’ when unaware to them, it was most needed, and thankful to be an encourager as well, yet I cannot help but to be drawn to the inspiration that Robbie brings with his humor, and a spirit of encouragement. I want to encourage all of us, if you haven’t, to take a few moments and like over 5 million other people, check out ‘Kid President”…..cause he is truly right…..”we all need a pep-talk”! Make today great, Steve